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Product Description Aircraft Wing Flap Office Desk This is not an office desk in the shape of an aircraft wing flap, It is a genuine aircraft wing flap, waiting to be your office desk. Aircraft wings are very light. They are designed to carry the load of an aircraft, its passengers and cargo when airborne. Therefore we won’t waste your time talking about how strong the material is. You know it! We design unique office desks using aircraft wing flaps. Our designs are very distinctive and unique. The desktop is made of toughened and laminated glass to allow you to enjoy the beauty of it at all times. There are a few options when it comes to the details. You can have your wing flap office desk with wooden or metal legs, also polished in shiny mirror or matt satin finish. The wing flap can also be painted to any colour of your choice. Brief History of the Aircraft Dimensions: L: 165cm, H: 75cm, W: 90cm, also available in custom lenght.