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MotoArt Designers Donavan Fell and Dave Hall pushed all limits and stretched all boundaries in the creation of this incredible handcrafted conference table made from the wing of an historic, very rare 1930 Waco biplane. The WACO Wing Conference Table is the ultimate in art deco design and long gone handcraftsmanship. With complete reverence and respect for Waco’s place in aviation history, the MotoArt team labored over every inch of this brilliant piece of custom furniture to create a work that is unparalleled. The superb blending of glass, wood and metal, and the color-schemes therein, makes this conference table a true work of art. It has been featured in national magazines like Playboy, Maxim, Flight Journal and Swoop, amongst others. From the detailed woodwork of the delicate spars within the wing to the thick mahogany/spruce frame, the table is overflowing with character. The rugged mahogany top is semi-exposed and complimented by a tasteful aluminum mirror-polished leading edge capped with 1/2” tempered glass. Below the wing, supporting the structure, are sculpted bamboo racing pant legs that complete the look like a fine pair of shoes.