Fear Of Flying Session


Fear of flying is responsible for ruining countless family holidays, restricting career opportunities, and turning what for many is a pleasurable experience into a feat of hellish endurance! Virtual Aerospace Japan fear of flying session puts you in the cockpit of a highly realistic professional flight simulator on a virtual airline route. Starting at the gate with the engines off you will join 60 minutes virtual airline flight starting from Narita Airport and ending at Haneda Airport.

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During the session you will see first-hand what really happens up front as your pilots use real world procedures and air traffic calls. You will learn what all of the sounds mean and find out first hand why aircraft are so reliable and why pilots are happy to take to the sky day in day out for an entire career! Discussion is welcomed and encouraged throughout the flight so feel free to ask as many question as you like.

Arrive at Virtual Aerospace Japan where you will be met by our friendly cabin crew.

At your allotted time the cabin crew will lead you to our simulator where you will take to the jump seat (often described as the best seat in the house) where your pilot will be waiting. Please note this is a 1 to 1 session specifically designed around you.

After being made comfortable your captain will talk you through the flight and this is where you can share your particular fear or concern.

For most people they are surprised at the calm pace of the cockpit, and at the end of the session (even with just 1 session) the feedback we have received tells us that understanding what is really happening in the cockpit really does help remove the panic and put you back in control of your feelings.



Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 737MAX