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こちらの商品は、スタイルを超えて、長さが8フィートから15フィートまでカスタマイズ可能な大規模なワークスペースを誇るカスタムオフィス用ファニチャーの機能性も高いアイテムです。 耐久性のある作業面は、1/2 “強化ガラストップの有無にかかわらず使用でき、脚は魅力的で装飾的で、放射状の穴の切り抜きにより重量を減らし、デザインの全体的な優雅さを高めます。 この印象的な手作りの机は清潔でシンプルでエレガントです。 強いライン、角度、鏡面仕上げは、現代のほぼすべての空間と人気アイテムのひとつです。

Gulfstream jets radiate success, quality and excellence – the perfect clay from which to mold one of the most stylish pieces in the MotoArt collection. It’s no wonder the G2 Wing Executive Desk was featured in Playboy Magazine among other national and international publications. It’s a daring design that, like the supersonic jet it once was, commands respect. Beyond style the G2 Executive Desk is also highly functional piece of custom office furniture that boasts a large workspace customizable from eight to fifteen feet in length. The durable work surface can be used with or without the ½” tempered glass top and the legs are attractive and decorative featuring radial hole cut-outs that decrease weight and add to the overall elegance of the design. This impressive handcrafted desk is clean, simple and elegant. It’s strong lines, angles and mirror finish make it a solid fit in nearly any contemporary space and one of the more popular items in the MotoArt collection.

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