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Nothing symbolizes success like a Gulfstream business jet. Known for their cutting edge technology, top of the line comfort and stability at high speeds, MotoArt saw the G-II as a perfect vehicle for a high-end piece of custom airplane furniture. The legendary status of Gulfstream within the corporate and celebrity universe comes shining through in this beautifully handcrafted conference table. Created from a Gulfstream fuselage and polished for uncountable hours to achieve a spectacular shine, the G-II Conference Table is striking. The distinctive oversized windows (with optional illumination) beneath an elegant sheet of 1/2″ tempered glass makes this table the perfect choice for any conference room. The design in completed by hearty yet stylish V shaped custom legs, powder-coated black, to flatter and bring forth the brilliant finish of the fuselage top. So, take a seat around the world’s most advanced business jet – one that has been painstakingly transformed into a conference table that is truly like no other. The G2 Gulfstream Conference Table is available 8’, 12’ or 14’ sections.