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Nothing destroys the energy of an office space like the everyday drab, dreary, soul-crushing cubical divider. It doesn’t have to be this way. Check out the Fuselage Cubical and transform the main work area of an office into something cheerful, interesting and charismatic. Instead of feeling like disposable drones, workers will understand they are part of a force that isn’t like the rest of the world. The Fuselage Desk is unique, fun and best of all, inspirational. An aluminum-sheeted desk paired with an all aluminum fuselage partition is truly transformational. Each unit has optional exterior finish options of polished, satin or painted surfaces to complement any décor. The internal finish is sandblasted and painted silver mostly for the sake of durability, but also provides an attractive modern feel. The Fuselage Desk is yet another innovative piece of custom airplane furniture from the creative minds of Designers Donavan Fell and Dave Hall. They are available in sizes ranging from three-window (5’ sections) up to five-window (9’ foot sections).