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There nothing that epitomizes airplane furniture more than a custom conference table created from the fuselage of an iconic jet airliner. The F-100 Conference Table is an edgy, functional design that’s a shining example of MotoArt’s ability to customize for any space. With stately backlit fuselage windows embedded within MotoArt’s signature mirror-polished finish, this custom conference table is exceptional. It’s distinct shape, lines and color scheme make it a perfect fit for the most important room in the office. The fabricated aluminum legs are set at strong angles providing a contemporary fashionable aesthetic. Capped with section-cut 1/2″ tempered glass, the F-100 Conference Table is a striking sophisticated piece. And if impressive style wasn’t enough, the F-100 Conference Table is also highly functional – it is equipped with strategically hidden optional data ports under the table for easy access with no sacrifice of form for function. Set yourself apart. Preside over your next international meeting from a table that once flew through the skies and soared high above the world’s oceans. The F-100 Conference Table perfectly blends scale and space. It is handcrafted custom furniture at its apex. The F-100 conference table is available in both Boeing and Fokker fuselage configurations.