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Upon arriving in the MotoArt universe, the flap underwent hundreds of man-hours of labor. Endless cutting, grinding, polishing and buffing were applied until a gorgeous mirror finish resulted. The intriguing rivet detail and handsome intricacies of the Boxcar’s construction are highlighted by the 3/8” glass surface that is customized to match the contours of the flap. Powder-coated for a rugged black-wrinkle finish, the legs are made of 4” x 8” architectural aluminum “I” beams. Radial-hole cutouts decrease weight and add style to this very limited edition and extremely unique MotoArt executive desk. Features: 120 man-hours of labor painstakingly cutting, grinding, polishing and buffing the flap produces a mirror finish The flap is not square, so the glass surface is cut to conform to its shape Available in many different colors or simply high gloss aluminum