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The original cloth is removed to expose the intricately detailed skeletal structure within. The two ailerons are tapered and assembled to achieve comfortable leg space and to create a width suitable for large conference rooms. The legs are constructed of bamboo, a natural, renewable resource, when combined with the recycled aluminum frames grants this beauty as a truly “green” example of executive decor. The legs are custom made in our studios and epoxy painted to resist scuffing and can be painted the color of your choice. The bottom of the legs are capped off with 3/8” aluminum plates creating a striking line at the floor. The view from the top affords a look into the complicated engineering of the table, with all horizontal pieces bearing “lightness” holes stamped into the aluminum. The piece, as shown, is powder coated with our metallic orange option; other colors are available or you can choose the naked mirror finish with clear coating. Topped off with a ½” tempered glass sheet, your corporate logo can be added to the underside of the glass to synthesize your corporate brand with a symbol of extreme fortitude.