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The Motoart design team was heavily influenced by the history, character, and integrity of the biplane in the creation of the newest piece of high-end airplane furniture. The designers re-crafted the internal spars of the wing using bamboo with masterful attention to detail, while the intricate, elaborate woodwork is striking beneath the solid 1/2″ tempered glass top. Supporting the wing in a lighter complimentary shade, the bamboo theme continues with stylishly curved legs, offset by 1/2″ aluminum polished feet and a 2″ solid polished center-placed aluminum bar to support the legs. After a polyurethane finish, the addition of polished aluminum leading and trailing edges, center data port with polished wire extension tube to conceal cords, and an elegant one-color paint scheme, the Flying Bamboo Biplane Conference Table is flawless and ready to stand as the star attraction of any conference room. The custom conference table is 64” across and available in sizes from 8’ to 12’. Bamboo has a higher compressive strength than wood, brick, or concrete and a tensile strength that rivals steel.