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Product Description B/E Aerospace Aircraft Economy Class Passenger Seat Comfort of the skies, now on the ground! Here is a genuine set of aircraft double economy class passenger seats. They are taken from an Airbus 300 and they have been manufactured by B/E Aerospace and it is one of The SkyArt® Collection’s most popular and comfortable seating products. It is mainly preferred in office environments. It is basically a pair of Economy Class Aircraft Passenger Seats, a true piece of aviation history that travelled the world many times, landed in countless cities. The strong, aircraft grade aluminium structure makes it very durable for the years to come. No other material can perfom for the periods of time that this seat experienced. The high backrest can tilt backwards by 120 degrees, the middle and one other (aisle side) armrests are foldable for extra room, Each seat has a service tray and a magazine pocket behind the back rest. B/E Aerospace Economy Class Aircraft Passenger Seat is very suitable for waiting room, aviation schools, travel agencies and public transport. It is also very suitable for aircraft cabin crew training centers and aircraft mock-up cabin installations. Aircraft seats have once transported millions of passengers all around the globe. You can now fly in the comfort of your home or office. You can have the B/E Aerospace Economy Class Aircraft Passenger Seat in various colours.