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How about conducting the next meeting on the tailplane of a Boeing 727? This artful reapplication of the horizontal stabilizer that once helped keep the popular airliner from the 60s and 70s aloft, will do the same for the aesthetic and style of any conference room. Revived and reinvented to gallery quality through a meticulous process of sanding and polishing, the 727 Conference Table is a commanding piece of airplane furniture. The reformed stabilizer rests upon sturdy aluminum powder-coated I-beams, punched with lightness holes, creating a modern and ultra-unique centerpiece for the one room that demands distinction. Any or all of the 727 Conference Table may be epoxy painted in an array of color choices and clear-coated to reflect a fresh-off-the-assembly-line look. The 3/8” plexiglass struts are formed to level the 1/2” tempered glass surface and can be cut to lengths from 15’ on down. Holes may be created through the table to manage phone/computer cables and the surface can be modified to incorporate a company logo. And to take it to the next level and really make a statement, add a full compliment of Motoart’s custom airplane seats to surround the table and complete the theme.