4 Season flight 120min 1- 4 person


Examples of Seasons and Locations:
・Flight Course 1: Flying over Tokyo in Spring (15 min.)
・Flight Course 2: Flying over Honolulu in Summer (15 min.)
・Flight Course 3: Flying over Dubai in Autumn (15 min.)
・Flight Course 4: Flying over Alaska in Winter (15 min.)
If you have any other requests, please feel free to let us know. We may arrange your flight plan at other airports, locations and seasons around the world.
Anyone else joining you can also enjoy the experience behind the cockpit seats.
* This may be restricted depending on the number of the people.


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This plan will offer amazing flight experiences that will allow you to enjoy a variety of views seen from cockpit changing from season to season. It is sure to enhance your experiences by flying across the world in various seasons.