About the SkyartJAPAN Airbus 320 cabin space

Cabin Mock-up room is designed as afull size cabin-type space with genuine airplane parts from “Airbus 320.It is filled with a variety of facilities to reproduce the scene that just you are in the Airbus 320 aircraft.

The aircraft studios can be used for event, meeting or party for air fans, also they can be changes for Cabin crew trainings.
We have the same equipment as the actual airplane, please inquire about the charter and the photograph by all means.
Reservations must be made in advance.

For cabin mock-up rental reservations, please click here.


Cabin Mock-up


1. Fuselage: 8m width 4m total height 2m
2. Interior: The shape of the actual aircraft, inside of the cabin also reproduce the curved surface
  windows (use of real aircraft)
  Carpets (same as the actual carpet used)
  Window with Sunshade
  Luggage storage shelf overhead seat
3. Exterior: glass fiber, glossy coating


1. established in the same location as the actual cockpit door, opening and closing operation are possible
2. dummy door


Complete with real seats. Changing combinations settings is possible.
First Class seat for 2person 1pcs
Business Class seat for 2person 5pcs
Economy Class seat 10pcs
(2lined/3lined seat can be changed)


Using LED ceiling light.
Room Control system presents the light and dark.

Room control systems reproduce the room control during the flight

1. onboard intercom
2 onboard microphones
3. emergency lights on/off
4. tour operators call switch on/off
5. on/off switch the call from the toilet
6. smoking / non-smoking
7. Interior reading light


1. can the actual announcements prerecorded
2. the contents of recording can be choose
3. Place cameras to enable recording


1. galley (cooking container) 5 pcs
2. Mercator (full size) 4 pcs
3. Mercato (half-size) 5 pcs
4. life jacket 5pcs
5. seat belts
6. in-flight interphone
7. indoor image monitors x 2