Buy and reserve the flight

1.First, choose the flight and add into your cart, after your payment, we will receive your request. Also, you can send the ticket as a gift.

2.Flight Simulator Tickets are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase,unless otherwise stated. They musy be redeemed within this period or they will be voided. You can make your reservation by call or by e-mail. Our open time is 10:00am~6:00pm. *Japan Time

3.Before your Flight Simulation, short interview will be settled by the Chief pilot to improve your flight.

If you would like to know the reservation status on the desired date, please contact us from this below before purchasing a flight simulator ticket.
Requesting date for Flight simulator

Online reservation
4.Purchase the ticket, we will send you the e-mail of 【Reservation Form】, please fill the form and reply to us.
5. To complete your reservation, after【Reservation Form】has been reply, we will send you 【Complication E-mail】
6.If you have any question, reservation on call is available.
Phone number:03-3440-6777 (10:00am-5:00pm)

Flight simulator contents offered

1.The pilot instructor is well-trained, experienced, technical.
2.The latest cockpit is filled with real controllers and instruments to experience more real-like flight.
3.By the High resolution of graphics, more than 45000 airports and scenery can be seen.
4.The surrounded sound, which was recorded in the real Boeing777 engines and cockpit, will represents you the authentic situation.
5.Few seats are available for your family and friends, share your flight experience.
6.Rent the pilot shirt,epaulette,ties; you may see yourself as a real pilot.4.Purchase the ticket, we will send you the e-mail of 【Reservation Form】, please fill the form and reply to us.

Flow of flight simulator maneuvering experience

1.Check-in at the counter, our Staff will invite you to the waiting room ‘Airbus 320 Cabin mock-up’
2.Intervies with the chief pilot, make the flight plan; weather,time,place.
3.Ride on the Flight Simulator, start your engine.
4. Whatever your choice of flight plan, the experienced pilot instructor will help you. Challenges and requests are welcome, please enjoy your own flight.

For your safety

1.You will be refused entry to the Flight Simulator if, in our reasonable opinion, you appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs [or physically incapable of using the Flight Simulator]. In this situation your ticket will be cancelled without refund.

2.If the duration of your Flight Experience is reduced as a result of any of your actions, including but not limited to, your late arrival, your request for a toilet break, sickness or any physical restriction you experience in the Flight Simulator, you will not be entitled to any compensation or a refund.

3.The Flight Simulator replicates the flight deck of an aircraft and requires a degree of physical mobility for entering and exiting that may not be suitable for some people.

4.Flight Simulator doesn’t move, however, according to its effects, please let us know if you have any concerns about any physical restrictions that may affect your experience.

5.You appreciate that the Flight Simulator will have effects which vary with each individual, let us know to stop at anytime. It is your responsibility to determine whether you are physically capable of using the Flight Experience.

Befor your flight

Recommended person
No age are setteled, however, children under 16 years old must be supervised by an adult at the time befor 6:00pm.There is no maximum age.
*A person below 146cm might find difficult to see the scenery form the cockpit.

Things to bring
For security purposes you must present a form of photo identification with your Voucher before you will be granted entry to the Flight Simulator. We reserve the right to refuse you entry to the Flight Simulator if you do not produce appropriate photo identification, in which case your reservation will be cancelled and you will receive no refund.

Dress code
For your safety, light clothings and flat sole shoes are recommend. No sandals and high heels. Also rental uniforms are available, or bring your own uniforms.

Without extra charge, 1person can accompany to the cockpit.

Recording and photographing
For private use, photographing and recording is permitted.


No refunds will be granted for‘Change of Mind’.

If the Flight Simulator encounters technical problems which reduce the quality or duration of your Flight Experience, the reservation will be cancelled with refund. In this situation, ticket must be within valid, also cash refund will only grantes for its ticket fee.